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how to play rules of survival in right way

how to play rules of survival

how to play rules of survival in right way - We start Tips to play Rules of Survival so you can feel the victory acome the last pnd beerson to survive.

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1. Select Location

Choose the safest location that most likely not many other players are landing so you can calm Loot equipmen, if you are a raid type maybe you can get off at the nearest location from the plane path and have many equipmen

if you see another player landed in the same place as you, you should quickly take the weapon that is near you, whatever it is just take it and chase your enemy then killing, but klo your enemy faster loot and have weapons while you have no better weapons if you run.

But if you want to play it safe look for a location that is far from the plane path and find the most distant loot location to land that allows safe from other players.

The advantage of landing in the backmost location or outside the safe zone is that we are likely to be in the back (at the kill from behind) by very small enemies. And we have positions that are likely to upset the enemy.

2. Pick Equipmen

Election equipmen although we have weapons and armor lv.3 we do not necessarily win loh, so if you loot in a place that minimal equipmen do not worry, the important thing you have a weapon, be it shotgun or smg.

Klo around you loot item ugly you look for existing weapons, which if enough to Kill other player, then you immediately rush and find a safe position to meghabisi enemy, if there are other players seen then you approach slowly, if it is included in the range of your shot, just kill it, then you loot the stuff.

So shorter if we can loot the enemy item wkwkwk. It is also klo enemy who died, if we are dead first yasudah quit straight from the beginning again wkwkwk.

If you like to use Rifle, choose one of his weapons and use just one weapon the rest take ammo enough so that you focus more on the use of weapons, let alone have scope x4 you stay relaxed to the safe zone and find the position for execution.

3. Settling

When you land and you get enough items but you are out of the reach of the safe zone immediately run towards the safe zone, if you land at a location far from the plane lane and when landing you do not see the enemy sprint just as usual.

And use your fist not a weapon, to speed up your running movement, do not forget to drink Cola to increase your speed. And just calm down the chances are you will not meet the enemy, unless you land in the location of the possibility of many other players.

If you land in the middle of the Map or in a location that many other pkayer may be you should be extra careful.

And it would be more beneficial if you get the game in the night or foggy atmosphere, let alone be outside the safe zone and be in a location that many other players. You can run calmly, because the enemy's view is limited.

Navigate your character with an automatic run to the safe zone while pressing the eye icon and look around you if any other players are passing or not. And do not forget the run using the mode nunduk ya so as not to hear the enemy.

4. Take advantage of Safe Zone

if you are near the safe zone and most likely many other players, be patient, creep and watch your surroundings, when the safe zone narrows do not panic, klo have enough heal remain silent and pay attention around you.

Because usually when the safe zone narrows many players who run around without noticing the surroundings, and make this moment to finish off other players. Take more tips in Naxtor Tech, there was many tips for games.

5. Shoot right

Shooting an enemy with great distances and moving is very difficult, unless we have at least a scope x4 and it is better if you have a scope x8 if you are sure to shoot your enemy, if not sure you should, unless you have a silencer, if you do not have a silencer You will only make your position look enemy.

But mostly if the enemy moves and is hit by a shot he will instantly crawl and this position makes us aim for it easier (unless the enemy runs the tree or hills and rocks).

And if the enemy gets shot then he does not crawl instead run and skip, just calm down, set your weapon mode to a single at the top right of your weapon screen any auto writings you click will turn into singles.

Single does not mean singles here wkwk, single means one shot that is issued by your weapon so that more efficient ammo and not fast reload.

If you've changed the single then you shot the enemy far enough and jumped up and down quietly and do not shoot originally, aim first and then shoot, see the position he moves and jumps. And the point is quiet.

If we find an enemy that is crawling or ducking in silence, maybe he is watching his surroundings. Then it's time for you to shoot him right in the head 2-3 x shots him directly koit, except use SR (Sniper Rifle) 2x shoot in the dead body.

6. Last moment

When the safe zone starts to shrink and the remaining 9 players are calm, wait for them to kill each other while you are looking for their position, klo in the sense far enough not to duck ngerayap better viewnya. And if the rest of the 4 players do not have to crawl, duck and move search for the enemy, because chances are they all crawl so much better in the shot if we duck.

tag: how to play rules of survival, how to play rules of survival android, how to play rules of survival in right way, how to play rules of survival on PC, how to play rules of survival on Android, rules of survival tips, rules of survival guide, rules of survival triks.


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